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Originally Posted by Freeze View Post

But I don't think that wires or shims cost a lot O.o
No they don't, neither does oil for a car, but its an essential service that the equipment requires.

Your not paying for not only the parts, your paying for the knowledge that you lack to service your equipment that it requires. Some charge more than others.

I would pay $80-100 for someone to "tune up" my gun. Make sure you have a good air seal on all the parts, gears are shimming properly. Motor height adjustment, properly lubricated, ect. But I know how to do all that, not as well as some others, but I do have that knowledge. That's what your paying for.

Originally Posted by AngelusNex View Post
Though I'm not some douche trying to make money off of airsoft.
I don't see how someone is douche by making money off airsoft, in essence your calling all of our retailers douche's, because lets face it, its a business, if they didn't make some sort of profit they wouldn't be doing it. Fields and venues make profit from airsoft, are they douche's too?

No, these are people and places that are there to run a BUSINESS NOT A CHARITY. Some people do it for charity which is great, some do it for beer or for money doesn't make them a douche.

I don't see why you see it as an issue, when you don't know how to do something or you can't, there is a cost to that information or service, sometimes that cost is money, sometimes it isn't.

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