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Question Advice/Feedback on Echo1 AK74 CPM

Hey everyone,

I'm a new member to the forum but have been following it for a while now. Reason I decided to finally join was because I finally have been interested in taking up airsoft more seriously. I was doing paintball for a while but to be honest it got to repetitive, let's just say my eyes have finally been opened thanks to my cousin

I have been doing some research for a while now on what gun to buy as my first, and have decided an overall good gun to start off would be the Echo1 Red Star AK74 CPM. There right now going on for sale at $319.96 (tax excl.) from Toronto Airsoft and usually sell for $399.95. Totally over priced compared to the states, but not much I can do about that...

I just wanted to ask if anyone right now owns this gun and what their opinions would be about it so far. After reading a lot of reviews I found that overall people rate this as a really awesome gun. Here's a link to the site:

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