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Originally Posted by Goldman View Post

I always suspected this is what a game organizer’s forum would be there for. As organizers or hosts receive complaints about a player, they would dump them in that section of the forum. If the concerns seem valid, that player no longer finds themselves welcome at games until they shape up. I distinctly remember this is how ASC used to operate, but somewhere the concept seems to have been lost in the shuffle.

The solution? Organizers/hosts may have to take a further step to pay attention to these kinds of complaints and bar people from attending their games. Players need to step up if this person shows up, and refuse to participate until they leave the field. Generally the community at large needs to put on its “big boy pants” and stop tolerating the assholes and game spoilers. Do you see a person in particular cheating? Even a whole team? Document it, speak to the hosts and DO SOMETHING.

Did it... got it up and running .. and was constantly undermined by hosts who would simply not care about a players behavior and let banned players play.

Lots of them specifically catered to the players not welcome elsewhere...

I got tired.. handed off management of the forum to another..and it's gone nowhere.
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