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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
One of the largest problems with people taking hits is caused by the shooter and not the person hit.

Many people will fire a couple of shots .. see them hit .. and then start yelling for the guy to "take his hit"

The guy may not have felt them.. these bbs weigh less than half a gram.. even a fold of fabric will catch the energy and stop a person from feeling it.

I have always promoted a "fire for effect" approach.. in that the target continues to receive fire until they acknowledge the hit. This has resulted in some guys getting mad for being "shot too much" but I don't care about that at all. When I shoot someone.. they get shot.. and they know it.

Usually I get this kind of response, "HIT HIT HIT.. OW Fuck the first 5 were good"

you can't trust one or two bbs to effectively transmit your intent into a target. Often it takes many more. Sometimes it takes too many.

but just like in real life .. some people are harder to kill than others.
I agree with this approach, and it is how I play. if you don't feel the first one, you might feel one of the later 350 rounds. It's not to hurt anyone, but as he said "some people are harder to kill than others" and I don't take the chance.
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