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Cool How To Make Your Very Own Pixelated Gun Siganture In Ten Easy Steps


I have been approached by a couple members asking how to make a gun signature like mine. So i have divized a simple ten step instructional piece on how to make your very own. This is in hopes this will get sticky'd for later use. Here we go.

-{First step} Open up your MS Paint (from your start menu) or any other picture editing program.

-{Second step} At the top of the ASC web page select User CP in the top blue bar above International Retailers. Now look down the left hand side of the blue column to where it says edit signature. Use the sizing of the boxes shown and use one according to your planned signature.(eg mine is 100x512 pixels).

-{Third step} go to your image editing program and re-size your blank canvas accordingly make sure it is exact or it wont work. You can usually see how big the canvas is in the bottom left bar in paint.

-{Fourth step} Use the following website:

Look at the top of the right blue bar and select English Index. From there find your airsoft gun under one of the categories and save the image or images you wish to add to your signature.

-{Fifth step} Open another MS paint bring sure not to delete your first and copy or load the image to it.This second canvas is just strictly for resizing your images and editing them.

-{Sixth step} copy and paste your re-sized/edited image from the 2nd canvas to the main canvas and place where you wish to have it.

-{Seventh step} Copy and paste logos and anything else you wish to have on your signature from Google making sure to resize it on the 2nd canvas before placing.

-{Eighth step} select the lettering button in your image editing program and customize your new signature with words and phrases or code name.

-{Ninth step} save as your work making sure everything is exactly how you want it and save it to somewhere you will remember (desktop)

-{Tenth step} Go back to the edit signature page on ASC scrolling down to the Signature picture subheading. Upload your picture and most importantly dont forget after it has been uploaded to click the blue Insert picture here button and save your changes at the bottom of the page.

Congrats on your brand new Pixelated gun signature. If you have any problems feel free to pm me. Feel free to post in the thread after completing yours to show it off to all the other members!

-Brett (B squared)
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