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Metal BB's

Okay I have been over on Youtube I was watching a video by Freddie Wong and he talks about how people can go about getting Realistic Gun Props.

Now being that he is an American, he has to deal with a different set of laws and rules then we as Canadians do, so I made a post warning any one that if any one who is in canadian want's to buy airsoft guns online, that they should know that there is a good chance that Canada customs will seize and destroy any airsoft gun's that are ordered outside of canada or from a non canadian web site.

well any ways, some people have replied to my post and I reply back, but one guy in his post said that he plays with his friends with Metal BB's


You'd have to be retarded not to notice that big orange circle right there on the tip of the gun... lol, plus I have several airsoft guns and I always use metal BB's... They hurt my friends more when we fight with our guns (With proper airsoft armor, of course)
any ways, I know there is a reason that we use plastic BBs over metal one, But I sure would like to know for my self why we use plastic over metal, just in case I have to deal with a Dumb ass like him again.

it's just as good to know why we don't do some thing as it is to know why we do some thing that way we do them. cause not all thing can fall into the area on common sense. not that I believe that common sense. (I have seen way to many people do too many stupid thing that make me think that such a thing can't exist, But I'm getting off track)

any way any care to tell me why we don't use metal BB's? just so I know for my self at lest.

P.S if any one cares, the video I was talking about is in the link below
Realistic Gun Props - YouTube
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