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Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
Gato, I can't read your post. Your damn avatar is distracting. WTF!?!

But yeah.. well put Gato. as for Marty.... Dude! You gotta ease into it LOL! Thats a killer work out if you've just started to get back into shape and running is one of the thoughest things to get back into... and the older you are the harder it is on the body. I know... I've pulled a lot of muscles trying to run faster and harder than I should have been.

But... I do have one piece of advice. If your going to run, get a GOOD pair of runners. Go down to the Running room and tell them what your program is and they should be able to set you up with a pair of shoes that won't kill you.

Sounds basic, but Im now a believer in getting good quality runners for the type of feet and stride that a person has. Makes a massive difference. i.e. I know my runners are about finnished when I start to get shin splints again. Once I get new ones... gone

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