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Originally Posted by Toxicrider View Post
I am working through a back injury during which time I put on about 40lbs, laid me up for almost a year very limited activity. Since I started feeling up to it I decided that I would play airsoft as a way to get myself back in shape. Since starting I have lost 20lbs and my ability to keep up and run with my team has improved greatly. I still suffer back pain and sometimes I just need to pace myself, kind of tough when I feel personal responsibility to each member of my team. I make it a point when just playing skirmishes I play every other game, just to make sure my back holds out. Now I find I can push that a bit and it gets better every day.

Back injuries are tough. I good friend of mine has more or less permanent siatic nerve damage from too many shit landings during his Airborn days. He started to gain weight too, but eventually got his back back into relative shape from steady workouts.
As for me, I've thrown out my back too many times to count, mostly from trying to lift heavier loads than I should have been, and I think because of that if I don't get to the gym or work out in some manner for any length of time, my back issues flair up again.

All that to say, I personally feel that "proper" exercise is the best way to get over a back injury, but I guess you now that already
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