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it was great reading your posts.. I was worried my fitness level would slow my team mates down. I figured if it got bad enough I could always camp for awhile until I got my wind back. Since a job loss back in December I moved back home from Alberta and have gained some weight since then... I also started smoking again after I had found work. The fear of letting my team mates down has motivated me to be more active. Well that and the fact I'm turning 30 in September. ( still have a long ways to go) at least im not sitting on my ass all day.
My plan was to take it slow. I never counted on how hot all other the gear was as well... I know I was sweating like a pig when i first tried on my vest, BDU goggles and mask. I plan on getting a hydration carrier to make sure I'm well hydrated.
Anyways, I don't expect airsoft to get me in shape but do hope it provides the extra motivation I need to get there.
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