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Hard masks mess with cheek weld, that's why not many will recommend them. On the other hand shemaughs and balaclavas are worn fairly often, though they can be sweaty and contribute to fogging. I've been playing for three years and we only had one case of a chipped tooth. Keep your mouth shut when taking fire and you should be fine, face bleeders will heal. In that much I agree with Kokanee, but as to eye protection I have to disagree. Some sort of properly rate ballistic or paintball goggles are absolutely recommended. Shooting glasses, while properly rated, are only intended for the occasional ricochet. There is a chance a bb might get in the side. A small chance admittedly, but while faces heal and teeth can be repaired, you only have one set of eyes, and once they're gone that's it. If you're playing on a paintball field then they'll probably require you get paintball goggles. If not then get a good set of ballistic goggles, ESS is a good name.
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