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Experienced players should never discourage new players. We personally use the trial by fire method. We invite them out, lend them some decent gear, and let them see for themselves. Most people have a blast. But some cant handle the dedication we require. If that's the case, then we do our best to point them in another direction. Like a more casual group. Although we try to explain what we do in detail before hand. Every now and then you do get a bad egg. If this occurs then we just don't call them back to play.

There are some very serious teams out there like ours, but that are more exclusive. And unfortunately, although the competitive sport end may be the best recognized, there are also small groups of clearsofters that have given the game a bad name. Experienced players do hold themselves at times on a pedestal, and try to push out noobs. Luckily I don't know many teams as such. I don't mind exclusive, but bully mentality has no place. How in the hell are you supposed to find new players?

If someone wasn't meant to be a serious, organized player; please send them to a good home. Another thing I dislike is when players give off false info about gear. Biased opinions have made this sport difficult for some. Many players can thrive on knowing what to buy, where to buy, expected cost, and what to look out for. Also showing them places to attain this info for themselves is a good idea. I prefer high end gear myself I.E. Crye, Systema, Oakley ...ect. Buy there are mid range brands that make good equipment. People that are one track minded, or sell noobs junk to make profit should be fired out if a catapult.

Best way is still to get everyone age verified on ASC.
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