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Originally Posted by The Hunter View Post
Some people use a hobby like this to help in their physical fitness because they enjoy it and maybe don't have the time in a regular day to exercise. Most people don't work all day and then exercise, preparing just to play airsoft, if you are able to do that, join the army reserve. just to point out in the Military wargames there are people just as you described that are not in as good shape, or just not physically able to keep up to the "Big boys" but those guys will still have your back.
Good points. I'm in decent shape (I think), but I've always used the excuse to go to games to get physical excersie. "Honey, I have to go this weekend because of this big game, its fun and a lot of running, its good for me...".
Now though my gf stopped buying it and I had to join the gym (she is all about "staying fit" thing).

It all comes down to how serious are you about airsoft AND your health. While buying all the cool guns and gear, dont you want to look "good" with all those goodies? Get in shape! Its good for the game and most importantly its good for YOU!

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