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I agree. We play competitively, and therefore use the gear in which we find the most effective. Team colors are also important. Especially at organized milsims where you are split up by camo. I.E. Alpha: Tan and similar. Bravo: Green and similar. People recognize our teammates and vise versa.

To those who go for reenactment. Airsoft is a means to an end. Realistic, or real gear to help them set up a platform.

As for all those who want casual or fun. This is common, and understandable. Strict money, time constraints dictate their involvement. Also personal choice.

There is no real debate here, as people will do it their way. They don't have to understand another group or player. The issue seems to be guys saying things like. "I show up to a game; hosted by an experienced, organized team. Who put a lot of time, money, effort into their team, their loadout, their milsims. And I feel like my gear, my own play style, or my level of effort shouldn't be judged". Guess what? This game and the people who own it, and spend countless hours building it, get to set the pace and expectations. Calling people out and saying they take it to seriously, or whatever means your in the wrong place.

I completely understand those who want the "for fun" aspect only. I don't judge them. But that doesn't seem to go both ways. Luckily they have no real impact on the sport end of things. But there are more groups than just a few. Those that can't put time and money in. And those that won't. Those that don't enjoy the hardcore aspects, and those that do but can't put in the time. It's endless really. Even for a serious team like ours we have many people who are limited by life. We only expect you attend whenever possible, and we help out with gear if we can. It's mostly effort and attitude that makes a team player.

But if you want run and gun, casual, for fun, paintball style, or whatever your fortei is. Look for your community. We've had lots of people at serious milsims that don't have the wherewithal to aquire full high end loadouts. But we still value them as temporary teammates and players. They play our game, and do the best they can. The difference being is that this is the play style they like, as we do. And if they had the money their gear would be better.

If you don't want to put in the effort, or play your way at someone elses game. Expect to be looked down on, and to spend a lot of your time re-spawning. If it's a competitive game, then we need competitive players. Not those that go casual to a non-casual game.

These guys are the morons who show up at five star restaurants, and high end golf courses, in sandals and a tank top and are surprised that they aren't allowed in. Your even border line mentally broken if you feel the need to complain about it, like your entitled to something.

As for those that fit into groups one and two, or somewhere in between. Good for you guys for having fun, because that's a must. I know a lot of you would be more involved if you could be. Just expect a certain amount of expectations at serious milsims, or teams. As for the rest of you, that whine, complain, and think you should be respected for your lack of effort. Well, let's just say your asking for it.

Don't mix casual gamer, with serious team sport. Unless you will abide the tone, and rules for whoever's house your in. And to the rest of the serious players. The ones who put in the effort with good attitudes, but are limited by time, and money may be a great addition in time. It's our job to help them along.

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