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007 airsoft, Not For Civilian

I have been browsing 007 airsoft and I have notice that many of the spring and Gas Guns that they sell are listed as "Not For Civilian" and after looking at their FAQ page that a person needs a prohibited devices permit before some one can purchase any of these items.

Now apparently a person need to be a businesses / organizations who have the proper reasons to deal with replicas. These include the military and law enforcement training facilities, companies in the theatrical prop / movie industries, even certain types of museums.

But it makes me wonder if there is a way that I could buy just for the sake of saying a Tokyo Marui Benelli M3 Shorty and not have a prohibited devices permit?

cause 007 airsoft and some very nice looking AEGs, spring and Gas guns, but I am wondering if it's is even worth my time to look at them if I have Zero chance at being able to buy one or more of their items if I have to go about becoming a Business/ organization just so I can add a few gun to my future private collection.

if any one has any insight on this topic, I sure as hell like to hear it.
as I would like to be able to buy some of their guns legally.
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