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HackD, you're absolutely right. Im not hating on regular airsofters that don't go MilSim, quite the opposite. I think its great that they get out there, as the more people we can get into this sport and get them playing the way they should, the better it will be for the sport over all.

Im talking about guys who ether play MilSim games or claim to be hot shit when they come out and then turn into Private Pile as soon as the sweat glands start to get wet.

But to add to this, besides being able to get in the game properly, being better shape will greatly reduce the chance for injury, just like any other sport. And that applies to everyone.
That said, in your situation, thats not a matter of being in shape. When I use the term, Im referring to the choice we have to either be in shape or not. Having a injury or disability is not the same at all. So I apologize if what I said came across in that way.
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