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Originally Posted by Jbone 11 11 View Post
Maybe this belongs in the Thread about how serious one takes airsoft, but I think it is worthy of a separate thread. (Mods feel free to disagree and move it if need be)

Ok, so I've been playing airsoft for a while now, exclusively MilSim though, as that is how they do it over here.

So my comments and opinions here are more relevant to MilSim type Airsoft, but can also apply to other less dedicated events.

Now, what gets me every time I've been out is how unbelievably out of shape some people can be. Don't get me wrong, Im not advocating that all and sundry must pass a JTF selection standards or anything, but running 50 meters with your gear on should not destroy you to the point of not being able to continue!

That said, most players I've come across are ok. And there are even some guys who smoke me in the cardio dept. as a lot of these guys play soccer like the Pope goes to Mass!

But having played a couple of very large 24 hour events (500+ players), and given the terrain we usually play in (Hills....LOTS and LOTS of Hills! Just to give you an idea: )
I noticed a lot of guys and even whole teams that would gas out and not be able to push through to their objectives because the approach/insertion killed 'em. And when there are 500+ dudes running around, that objective might actually make a difference between winning and losing.... but more importantly, I get left with out back up and consequently get zapped!

Personally I think that if you're going to take MilSim Airsoft to heart, getting and staying in shape is as much of a must as getting the exact Chest Rig CSOR uses or a high quality AEG.

My 2cents
You are talking about Mil-Sim pretty much exclusively, right? Not just airsoft in general?

I haven't participated in a Mil-Sim, and it'll be a long, long while, if ever, until i am able to participate in one of those, from a physical abilities perspective. Note that a physical abilities perspective is different, from physical fitness.

Mil-Simming is generally taking it up a notch or two from skirmishing/casual scenario situations, in my opinion. From a physical demands perspective, the mindset coming into the game, and the level of commitment required to play inside the team and subordinate your role to the greater goals of that team. It sounds like it might be even more intense 'over there' in terms of mil-sim vs skirmish, as opposed to here, based upon my admittedly limited perspective/experience.

What about skirmishes/casual scenario's? I've seen individuals out with the same, or more gear, than that which is issued to the CF's in the field, in the interests of realism. I've also seen individuals in partial mis-matching camo, or in the typical hoodies and jeans casual gear beat the pants off some of those same 'real-simmers' in a fire-fight - physically, tactically, and dynamically.

As the other "how serious is airsoft to you" thread is good at pointing out, we have a wide range of individuals, playing for many different reasons.

Some are playing to stay in shape and stay sharp, mentally as well as physically. Some are playing as an adjunct to getting into shape. Some are out there, just to get out of the house. Some are young, and at the peak of physical shape, others are xbox couch-mush at the same age. Some are old, and trying to stay in shape, others (like me) are trying to get into shape while facing some pretty challenging health issues in a creative way.

As i've indicated in the other thread, i'm relatively new with just a few events under my belt. I am on the field with a cane. There is no way that i can run 50 yards, much less walk it fast without the risk of going ass over tea-kettle. When i show up to an event, i make sure that i am assigned to a team/side as an extra member, so that i do not pose a burden. I play the game, do my own thing, and try to make a contribution to the side that i am on, to the best of my abilities. In the games that i've played, and with the people that i have played with have been remarkably accommodating - and i'm grateful for that. I expect to be treated the same as any other person on the field otherwise - if i am a good target because of my physical issue, then go ahead and light me up.. it's all good. If i get further injured as a result of my issues - then it's on me, not anyone else. I'm taking the risks. A bad day on the field, beats 5 good days in the physiotherapy room, in my experience.

Yes, physical fitness/ability is important in this hobby. However, we also all work with the cards that life has dealt us with. It's a slippery slope when you start looking down upon/start getting exclusionary upon people who don't meet 'your standards' in any given activity. Allowing people to adapt/adapting somewhat the rules of the game to allow people to participate (at least in skirmishing) no matter their level of fitness/ability is inclusionary.

What type of game do you want to play in?

Sorry that this is so long, but i felt a need to show an alternative perspective.

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