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I smoke, I'm no marathon runner. if it's a short range/cqb type role for the day I'll run the bare minimum I need too. for sims I run heavier loadouts .. bigger guns.. etc.

but I'm not a re enactor .. so what I consider a "heavy" loadout ... alot of reenactors and uber sim types would consider "light" LOL

I do my loadout and my weapon(s) to my fitness abilities within that role. the bigger heavier the gun I'll focus more on range (not nessasarily power). like a saw or DMR loadout(most common for me now) .. I'll stay with my group .. but I will cover from behind over or between them.

I still get a chuckle when people comment on me and my 2nd smoking, then when we hit the field they can't keep up ... just a couple farm kids
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