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Importance of being in shape for MilSim airsoft

Maybe this belongs in the Thread about how serious one takes airsoft, but I think it is worthy of a separate thread. (Mods feel free to disagree and move it if need be)

Ok, so I've been playing airsoft for a while now, exclusively MilSim though, as that is how they do it over here.

So my comments and opinions here are more relevant to MilSim type Airsoft, but can also apply to other less dedicated events.

Now, what gets me every time I've been out is how unbelievably out of shape some people can be. Don't get me wrong, Im not advocating that all and sundry must pass a JTF selection standards or anything, but running 50 meters with your gear on should not destroy you to the point of not being able to continue!

That said, most players I've come across are ok. And there are even some guys who smoke me in the cardio dept. as a lot of these guys play soccer like the Pope goes to Mass!

But having played a couple of very large 24 hour events (500+ players), and given the terrain we usually play in (Hills....LOTS and LOTS of Hills! Just to give you an idea: )
I noticed a lot of guys and even whole teams that would gas out and not be able to push through to their objectives because the approach/insertion killed 'em. And when there are 500+ dudes running around, that objective might actually make a difference between winning and losing.... but more importantly, I get left with out back up and consequently get zapped!

Personally I think that if you're going to take MilSim Airsoft to heart, getting and staying in shape is as much of a must as getting the exact Chest Rig CSOR uses or a high quality AEG.

My 2cents

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