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2/3AA Cells in an AEG

Hey all,

Putting together my first set of gear, and I've run into a battery question. I want to power a G&G GR16 using a battery pack in the stock, but it's a very tight space (inner diameter 28mm, length 130mm), just a bit too small for standard mini packs. I don't want to tangle with LiPo on my first rifle, so I've been looking around for pre-made NiMH solutions to no avail. I was thinking that I could fit in a custom pack made up of 7-8 2/3AA cells, and the ones I've tracked down for this purpose rate at 800mAh with a max discharge of 10A. Would that be enough to operate the AEG and if so, about how many such packs would I want to make to cover a day's use?

And of course, if there is such a small NiMH battery available somewhere already, I'd like to know about it (I have a knockoff MP7 with a 7.4v/400mAh micro pack that I might be able force in and rig up, but that seems like lot of work for a super weak battery).
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