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I've been playing in Italy for the past three years and it can get pretty serious over here in terms of impersonation. The team I play with are Royal Marine nuts. The head of the team is this old dude called "Grey" (although he's in damn good shape for his age!) and he's mad about getting authentic gear from all over the bloody place and sends the team eBay spam on deals he's found all the time LOL!

Personally though, I think I might be in group 2 but play like Im in 3. When I play, I play aggressively (Not to mean I beat on people) and to win. Im all for Milsim and its what personally like. Seeing a team work seamlessly together is a sight to behold and being part of team like that is... well.... to keep this PG, is pretty awesome.

However, it is a game and there is a line. What I do not like is when Airsofter's get cocky because they are veritable info-sponges and can quote text and verse weapons characteristics, the type of weave Navy Seals use on their fast ropes or what company makes the issued underwear for the USMC.

That shits annoying as hell. LOL!
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