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Originally Posted by Cobalt Caliber View Post
*poster above mine* Way to offer horrible advice you are asking for an injury.
Wiley X PT-1's could be considered "Shooting Glasses" and they've been great. It would have to be a really freak accident for a round to get up under the lens as they fit very close to the face. I'd reckon that they're about 90% as safe as a pair of Goggles (goggles being 99%). But that's MY opinion for ME on the field. I feel well safe with those in most scenarios.

For CQC however, I might opt for a more fool proof system like the SG-1's I mentioned earlier, or something very similar (There are a few makers out there that have similar design, ESS is one I believe). Basically "Sun Glasses" that have a seal around your eye area, so no real peripheral interference and they're supposed to be quite good against fogging up.... I have yet to receive mine.


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