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Originally Posted by T-Hell View Post
Stuff from Ehobby IS getting opened by CBSA now

REPEAT IS GETTING OPENED BY CBSA NOW. with no exceptions... CBSA is hip to the "Toy Parts" game EHA plays. and the Disassembling pistol game they play.

so if you order it from EHA.. and it is banned (like silencers, fake bullets, guns etc) then don't expect to see it.
Just wanted to say my recent order was completely opened up and everything was checked *stuff opened up, etc...* and the nice Customs Yellow Tape they use to seal it up again

My TM P90 mags came in no problem though along with the rest of my order though

This is actually the first time I've had a package opened by customs from ehobby, but then again it was a big box I guess.

*no experience with importing airsoft guns yet though*

Originally Posted by SuperCriollo View Post
So, If I order a gun from you with all the correct modifications and it gets seized will you give me my money back ?
You are stating that you have "near 100% success rate.", dont you.

If we can get full refund if the airsoft gun gets seized, I wouldn't hesitate either. Quite a few I want T.T

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