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Ok, here we go...

Originally Posted by FreebirdAirsoft View Post
Ok, Brian i just read ur thought.

I am located in Ottawa, Ontario.

What is the competition like? How many players are in your region? What have you to offer that isn't already catered to by existing fields?

Originally Posted by FreebirdAirsoft View Post
The land we plan on purchasing is 32,000$ for 50 acres of heavy wooded area.
At that price it's in the middle of buttfuck no where. Once again, what do you have to offer to motivate people to go to you?

Originally Posted by FreebirdAirsoft View Post
and for the labour costs for basic landscaping and heavy equipment isnt gonna cost us anything. A fellow family member of mine owns heavy equipment. All we would have to pay for would be the gas.
Not such thing as free. You seem to underestimate the amount of fuel heavy machinery burns through, this isn't like gassing a car. Also, if you think family will provide free equipment, you are either vastly underestimate the amount of work or are overestimating the generosity available to you.

Also, you can't just pull this out of your ass, you'll need professionals involved, permits, insurance. There are major costs involved in the construction of anything.

Originally Posted by FreebirdAirsoft View Post
and for the income it would be from rental, and playing fees.

Paintball rentals and playing fees, plus there ammo fees are far more expensive than airsoft.

Airsoft :

The playing fee is 25$ per day

the rental fee is 25$ and includes a kraken AK(AEG), eye pretection, High Cap mag, and a tac vest.

BB fees - 20$ per 0.20g bag
25$ per 0.25g bag
28$ per 0.28g bag
Krakens will never, ever survive rental use. Not even sure you'll get your monies' worth out of them before they melt down, even if the whole field fee goes to just the guns. Rental guns would have to be of much higher quality, right now you're not even AVed so you have no idea what's worth what.

Finish school first kid.
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