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That would cool to see.

Originally Posted by -Skeletor- View Post
I'm sure the USMC has called in a CAS mission and USAF or Brits arrived in Helmand province. All depends on who is available unless a USMC Aviation unit was on call for your pre planned CAS mission.

The only US Army air support is from their helos, for everything else they have the USAF and so on.

Jbone, the Combat Diver course is for their USAF SOF pers, yes they could go to another Combat Diver course ran by another branch, but they decided to have their own internal one. Might make it more simple to get guys loaded onto the course and at a certain time for the Pipeline training for CCT, PJ, etc
For sure... this was back in 2005-ish, and this guy was pretty young. I don't believe he served in Afghanistan, but I do think he had been to Iraq IIRC.

Guess I stand corrected on that one
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