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Found it

a rough estimate I did up some time ago for # 2345

Airsoft Field Start up costs.

Property : lets go conservative here and say you can get enough land for $100 000

Lets assume that it is vacant, so you have to do some improvements., lets go “bare bones”

A couple of uninsulated buildings , with just basic construction , ( one of the best ideas I have seen is to use a couple of SEACANS as the buildings.

These can be had for about $5000 each then some work to set them up as buildings. lets say another 10 000 , so we have buildings for admin and such . for $20 000

now if you want to go all in, with a proshop and all presume another $60 000

Now lets get to building up the field.-- basic landscaping - heavy equipment at $300 an hour + operator ( 30 / hour ) lets say they spend 3 days pushing dirt around. that is $5300.

Now lets do some building .. plywood is $30 a sheet 2x4 are about $3 each if you build anything bigger than 10x10 it is a permanent structure and requires a building permit and must be build to “code” so lets stay at 10x 10 Say we build 20 structures you will use about 40 2x4 and 10 sheets of plywood per building 30 x$3 + 10 x $30 = $420 per structure and we want 20 That is $8400 . -- lets round that to $10000 so we can build some bunkers and towers and stuff.

Lets add approvals Variances , permits and insurance $10 000

so where are we now..
$100 000
$20 000 to $80 000
$10 000
$10 000

so we are $145 000 to $205 000 to start before we open.
Say we borrow that money .. and we get a little more.. so our loan is $220 000 , and we put it over 5 years at say 6% .. the monthly payment is $4300

Now lets say we want to draw 2 minimum incomes from this endeavor , and have a part time employee .. so monthly payroll at $6000 a month

So we have basic costs of $10300 a month

Now lets say we charge $ 20 per session to play - to pay our basic costs we need 515 people a month to buy a session .. say we are open 7 days a week .. then you need an average of 18 people a day to play.

You can add more income from paint sales.. and from other sales so maybe you can reduce your player base to 15 a day or 450 a month.

So if you do 100 players a weekend .. and do some business on other days as well you can make enough to survive. now consider that the business is seasonal so you will actually need nearly double the numbers during fair weather .. to make it through the winter.

If the land costs more though...
and of course we have not considered advertising or costs such as that.

So it can be done.. Initial capitalization should probably be $200 000 + land costs and you will need a pretty tight business plan to sell it to a bank
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