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Need tips and suggestions. Maybe more.

I am looking into creating a buisness plan. In my town there is lots of land for sale and i thought that if i come up with a pluasible buisness plan and go to the government with it they will apeal me a loan. that loan witch could be used to purchase land and whatever else is needed.

I am looking into opening up my own airsoft/paintball feild.

and on the land i plan on having a woodsball paintball spot. a speedball paintball spot and the rest to airsoft.

and a parkinglot with a shop/register spot.

In the shop you can pay for your playing fees and rentals and what not and also it be a shop like say buyairsoft. or AirsoftGi.

something like that.

I am looking for plans and stuff for building a feild.

if there are people out there who would like to help with the construction of the feild please comment below.

Thats my idea and i plan on getting it going.
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