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recommended gear loadout

i know allot of people have asked this already, and i have read the Molle vs fixed discussion by Bolt. but im curious as to what people recommend. i have a velocity arms M4. and a KJW 1911 MEU. for gear i have a ESKI drop leg panel with a Nexus fast mag (gen III) and HSGI double 5.56 mag pouch, as well as a HSGI double pistol mag pouch. and a ESKI drop leg holster. it works great for backyard games, but i know it wouldn't work very well for field games and day-long wars.

so i am curious as to what other people would recommend. i bought a Molle vest once and didn't really like it because it was to small for me, and was next to impossible to get on. but i prefer Molle over anything else. so my questions are, number of mags (mid or low cap). plate carrier, chest rig, or standard Molle rig. color. (i always have used black, but that fails miserably at camouflage in the trees.) and what type of mag pouches. double stack, single, shingle, Etc. and what other things would i need, helmet, radio, pads, DBU's.
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