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I think I'm somewhere In between 2 and 3. While I may not be an older player that spends their entire income on airsoft, I've got high equipment that I take pride in. I like to play skirmishes and milsim, but am starting to transition to more milsim; running and gunning can only be fun for so long.

Also, It may not be fair to players, but I cannot stand when I come with my "Gucci" gear doing my best to simulate a soldier (In this case, russian. So I've got the tourniquet, Smersh, Gorka and all that real stuff.) and some guy who's been playing for a year or so asks me why I have useless stuff all over my gun, and he's standing in jeans and a mix-match of camo. I spend my money trying to create an environment for myself that feels like a soldier, and I find those types of people wreck it for me.
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