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Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
In a milsim environement, with milsim minded people working togheter, I take all your fierse Nike and hoodie players and we will "kill" them in no time. Simply because they play alone and as if they where in COD. They might get kills on a paintball field. But on a "natural" field, against a coordoned team, they will perish.

And on the other hand, if it's a game with a dress code, when these goofballs show up in street cloths, they kinda ruin the mood of the game.
That's why they are looked down uppon.

As Drake said, I'm firmly in Group 3. I don't mind all the other groups, as long as they show up at the apropriate games style.
I think there should be a group 4. Wich is more extreme than group 3. Taking airsoft to it's limit as a trainning tool.

Do you think airsoft is a reasonable training tool? I assume you are referring to military training. I could understand team involvement, a good way to practice communication in battle but we are talking about weapons that shoot nothing close to the real things. I would think that it might tamper with the sense of engagement if soldiers trained using airsoft because if real life your talking about 200-400 yards engagement rather then 200 feet as with airsoft. Are you personally involved with the military? If so, please let everyone in on how the training associated with airsoft works, and if my points are valid, or if they are not. Thanks for the great response!
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