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Kind of like a coalition of game hosts. It wouldn't be a bad idea. But save yourself some work. A player that has a good attitude, or isn't really a problem doesn't even need a page. Might as well only flag the ones that have had a serious infraction. Or continual complaints against them. Keeping track of every airsoft player would be difficult, and why rate a guy that is average to great. But if someone gets flagged, you can then record; who, where, and for what. If they get flagged again, then they can be added to a open database or something like that.

As I said before, I thought Claybank 2011 was a huge success and went extremely well. Especially compared to previous years. I wouldn't take anything away from Camogames efforts in the past though. When you have near 300 attendees, there will be variables. And of course you can't predict how everyone is going to act. But it does provide tools to use for the next year. But I agree with ThunderCactus. One thing they implemented was the wrist bands. Every player had to have one on at all times. All admins carried a hole punch. If you had an infractio, you got punched. Three punches, and you were removed from the property. Very effective.
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