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Originally Posted by ehobbyasia View Post
Ok letís clear some facts.


Secondly we have been shipping modify airsoft guns safely into Canada for several years now.
Several hundreds of M4, M16, Ak, SVD, M249 and M60ís even. With near 100% success rate.
So clear the facts, don't just give us some weak-sauce hand-waving. We're gonna need some proof here, and not just a cheesy text list of supposed sales, but hard evidence with real customer testimonials.


Here are some easy steps for Ehobbyasia to open the Canadian floodgates. Do the following steps and you will make a ton of money:

1) Continue selling M4s to Canadians.

2) For each Canadian that receives one, offer them a small 5% rebate discount IF they post their success story on Youtube or ASC and (this part is important) show complete paperwork and proof that they actually got it from Ehobbyasia.

3) Continue posting the above success stories and make them public. If possible, get an official statement from a CBSA agent and make it available to ASC members.

4) Gain our trust. Give us proof. Watch the piles of money roll in.

Want to make a ton of money? Want to gain our trust? Make us believe. None of the above steps take a lot of work, this is perhaps a couple hours of work, posting some stuff online and changing a couple things on your website. It's that easy. The return on investment will be huge.

Will this idea be dismissed with a hand wave? Let's find out.
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