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LOL! That episode was on last night! But one of my favourite things about it all is that you see just how massive the US military is! I mean "Air Force" Combat Diver?! WTF? LOL! I mean, Im sure their good at what they do, but you know you've got way too much money and resources on your hands when you develop a Air Force Combat Divers program ; )

Actually a few years back, I was chatting with one of the Marines posted to the US Embassy in New Delhi, India and was genuinely surprised to find out that the branches in the US Military are more or less designed to be completely self sufficient. According to this guy, the Marines call on "Marine" Air Support and the Army calls on "Army" Air support....Navy, same thing. I think he even said he'd rather do without than call the Air Force for help,
I was also chatting with another guy here in Italy at the US EMB that is Air Force, but is part of their investigative service.... think NCIS but Air Force.... It gets confusing after while.
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