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One other thing to bring up is experience.
I actually had something come up at claybank 2010 during the huge rainstorm. I charged up a hill with my 249, shot someone at the bottom of the hill, then shot a few guys on top. And anyone who owns a 249 knows you can't hear crap when your holding it right next to your face. Well it came up later that someone claimed they had shot me in the pouches from about 40 feet away or so.
Okay, so this person was close enough to know that his BB's were bouncing off my pouches in a 60mm rainstorm but for some reason didn't think of aiming at my legs. Not experienced enough to realize he's shooting a wet pouch on an armored plate carrier which makes almost no noise to begin with, on a guy who can't hear crap because he's firing off a 249, and looking in the other direction.
Any other airsofter with experience said they would have shot me in the legs, and I would have shot me in the legs too. And just in general, as an experienced airsofter, I would more often shoot someone in the legs rather than the plate carrier because I know they're going to FEEL it.
So of course I was upset that apparently I didn't call my hit on that, but said person also went on to accuse two high standing 8 year veterans of blatant cheating, was caught by one long time veteran of blatant cheating, and doesn't exactly have a clean rep in his own province either lol

However in contrary to this thread, I found the attitude at claybank 2011 to be REALLY improved by leaps and bounds compared to the last two years. Almost no complaining, minimal cheating, very few infractions given out. And all round a real good time.

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