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Lol this is hilarious.
Actually there’s so much untruth in this thread it’s just not funny.

Ok let’s clear some facts.
Firstly… There are many things you are not allowed to import. Airsoft Claymores, silencers, whole pistols, M203’s selected AEG's and GBB.
These are all at great risk of being lost to customs.
But if you order a claymore, you will be warned of the risk, but for those that insist, it will be shipped.

Secondly we have been shipping modify airsoft guns safely into Canada for several years now.
Several hundreds of M4, M16, Ak, SVD, M249 and M60’s even. With near 100% success rate.
So long as you are AV'd, with no criminal record, it’s just a matter of correct modification and the crossing the T’s and doting the I’s on the paperwork
Our packages contain documents to be inspected by customs.
These documents are provided by customs for this process. This is standard procedure.
We are not blacklisted, and you won’t get black listed buying from us.

As for the boycott.
Originally about shipping By UPS, not caring about the Canadian airsofting community and bad CS.
As proven the UPS was only temp because of the postal strike. And other stores did the same. where as we were accused for doing it for the money.
And we won’t have arranged with customs the procedures to import airsoft guns safely into Canada, if we didn’t care.

“Oh they in it for the money” …we sell a item for $300 with minimal mark up. Yet you’re local retailer might sell it for $600.
But we are made to look like the Money Hungry bad guy with bad CS.
And it’s some of these elements of the Canadian airsoft industry that will tell you the negative about ehobby or create boycotts or insist you can't import a airsoft gun from overseas.
When the simple fact is... with the right procedures, You can!

The boycott had a negative effect on sales of Airsoft guns to Canada.
Sorry I lie on that one.
We should be paying you for that advertising. Lol.
And I’m sorry for not thanking you earlier.
Thxs again

jeffmorton please PM me your order number as I’m not aware of your case and will investigate.

Seriously… I come from a airsoft restricted country myself, and find this quite sad that some members of this airsoft community don’t want the community to expand and grown to its full potential.

And special thank you for theses that have continued to shop with us and expand you local airsoft community.

Gopher I’m sorry. Your friend will win this argument.

Have Jam… will be toasted.
...Lugers and Rugers and M1's and the all for sale...
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