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Originally Posted by Toxicrider View Post
My question is if EHobbyAsia knowingly sells guns to Canadians by misrepresentation why does this site have their banner on it? Not trying to be a pain in the ass, but I almost ordered a claymore mine from them before I realized that it could be at issue concerning importation as I am not too up to speed on the CBSA rules concerning replica mines LOL. We seem to frequently see stories just like the one in this thread where people order from them only to have the gun seized and to loose their money. Folks can chant the buy Canadian mantra all they want, people will continue to go outside for whatever reason and having their banner could be construed as this site "recommending" them as a vendor.

Just asking. (As I put on my nomex suit due to the high potential for being flamed)

Look at the FAQs, look at the numerous threads: haven't we done enough to inform people? What more can we do? How else can we beat it into peoples' skulls that they shouldn't try importing restricted items unless they know what the fuck they're doing (versus wishful thinking and thinking they know what they're doing)?

Ehobby Asia has a banner up because they sell a LOT of stuff, most of it 100% fine for people to order and import.

It's the buyer/importer's responsibility to know what they can and cannot order. If after all the warnings people choose to not read them, ignore them, think they can outfox the system (cuz they're just that fucking clever), or decide to go with wishful thinking and hope they'll be the 1 in 100 to get in under the radar, then they fucking deserve whatever loss they have coming. Full stop.
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