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Originally Posted by Gopher View Post
Me and a buddy have been arguing this for a while now. Can you order full metal guns from Ehobbyasia to Canada without having your guns seized? I have had a look in the faqs but there is nothing directly addressing this particular question. it does say you cannot order into Canada from an outsied country but my buddy says that Ehobby is an exception.

So can somebody please help settle this.
AFAIK Ehobby has been BLACKLISTED as a retailer and everything originating from them should be opened up by CBSA.

They were good up until the point they started to BS around and skirt the rules. Least to say, it all caught up to them and now they're pretty much screwed and other Asian retailers that kind of follow the rules still lie low under the radar. That's not to say you can order from War4, Guns'n'Guys, UNCo, and not have your prohibited parts seized but at least those guys (to the best of my knowledge) follow the rules and don't misdeclare or lie on their documents and stuff.
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