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Sounds like you handled that situation well. Kept at it, and eventually advanced and did what you cam there to do. I have to chuckle at the close range burst. Lol, remind the guy to call his hits. I would have afterwords pointed him out though. It's not just a one shot deal. That blatancy of that instance tells me that this guy will continue doing it, to look like the hero. But most importantly your attitude about it was good. Kept your cool, and kept playing.

But every now and then, and back me up here guys. You bust your balls to hammer out an objective; like taking a structure. And the guys inside don't call their hits. So by the time you finally do capture it, their reinforcements have already arrived. When you should have owned that situation 15 minutes ago. So the jerks not playing honorably have single handedly altered the course of the game, and ruined your effort. This can be frustrating. It can't be okay to continually let them get away with it. Or it won't stop.
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