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Originally Posted by Derek_valo View Post
lol no cash for winning but there is Glory! And glory is forever. lol im just joking, but yeah thats a really good point, even though some people didn't call their hits, I still know to myself that my kill count went up one.
At a FR game years ago.. at the old FR field.. we were doing a straight up assault..

We came over the berm .. and bumped a group of players .. the dove for cover.. the one guy to my front was doing the "Paintballers Peek" you know .. the quick poke of the head out to take a look.

Every time he did I shot him right smack in the goggles ... this happened no less than 10 times.. until he tried to break cover and move... tripped over his own feet and dropped on his face exposed to the withering fire of about 6 guys who opened up on him full auto. He squirmed and wailed.. and crawled to cover.. only to start doing the "paintballer's Peek" all over was so blatant as to be comical.

Eventually we advanced and someone shot him with a burst up close and personal like.. which he took. When questioned about all the other hits... his only answer was "no english"

Of course later he was overheard in the safe zone relating how he held off an assault single handed..until some asshole shot him too close.

related in Perfect English.

There are people like this out there... but regardless the way I looked at it was.. I got 11 kills
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