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Can I ask you a serious question? How much sand can you fit in your vagina?
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Exactly. Airsoft is limited to a persons time, budget, family ...ect. Our teams is on the serious side of things. We play every weekend, and go to every event we can. When a new player starts we guide him on what to buy, where to buy, and how to prioritize when on a budget. I personally don't care what style of airsoft someone plays. But at some point it becomes a different game entirely, with the same basic ideas. When you play competatively there are certain things you need to be effective. I.E. Gear at a certain grade, time, practice ...ect. I understand those that can't afford the time and money tondo this. However, you can't just take what you like and leave the rest. Don't bother coming to a serious milsim if your not a serious player. It changes what we all invest a lot of time and money to accomplish. How would you feel if someone showed up to your "casual" monthly games with a $2000 gun and high end tactical gear, and kept snot-rocking everyone. There are lines drawn in the sand, and like I mentioned before. One style of airsoft isn't the same sport even, as another. Live and let live, bit don't walk into someone elses sport and say "I want to be able to do things my way, and not put in the time, effort, money, and hard work you all put in to do this here."

There are multi platform events that are open to everyone though.
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