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Originally Posted by ShelledPants View Post
In fact, next nonmilsim I go to, Im going to roll jeans and hoodie and see how I get treated.
If it's a skirmish, maybe. If it's a more organized game, then it shows the same level of disrespect for the organizers and other players as if I showed up to a serious WW2 game with a fully RIS & Magpul'd out gun and full MOLLE gear, digital camo, etc.

In some cases, the scenario might call for it -- drug dealers, militias, etc. Otherwise its like showing up to a baseball game with a piece of 2x3 for a bat and a glove made of cardboard and duct tape.

Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
I think there should be a group 4. Wich is more extreme than group 3. Taking airsoft to it's limit as a trainning tool.
I considered that, but I'm not sure I would consider that group actual "airsofters": they simply use it as a training tool (just as simunitions or MILES) and have little or no interest in it beyond that. They have their own unique lifestyle as LE/military/other operators which goes far beyond what we do in airsoft despite the emulation of it that occurs with group 3 people.

Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Very true.. I know quite a lot of very "serious" players that are lucky to get out 3 or 4 times a year..
Also there some very serious players who only attend a handful of games per year by choice, the less formal skirmishes and such holding very little appeal to them.

I attended almost every game in the area last year (and a few elsewhere in the province) and honestly I wouldn't do it again: not that they were bad per se, but many of them just didn't do much for me and left me feeling like I could have safely stayed in bed that morning and not missed much.

Simply, I think as you elevate your own game you begin expecting more of the events you attend (and the players present).

Originally Posted by kennysteez View Post
i would love to be group 3 but lack of money is stopping me my girlfriend is really kool with it she even shot one of my friends with an m203 so if money wasn't a problem group 3 for sure
I think its a mistake seeing "group 3" as being all about the gear and stuff. It really is first and foremost a mindset.
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