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Originally Posted by Boyso View Post
..... I don't want to see someone next to me in Nike with jeans and a hoodie ....
In the beginning of Hotbox I was playing in slippers, but thats only for "realism" and trying to blend in with "poor militia".

I take airsoft pretty seriously when I'm on the field. The equipment is of course limited by the size of your wallet, but proper mentality should be displayed by all.
I try to fully emerge into role I'm playing, be it a soldier or a farmer with a gun. So during the game I try to give it all, or whatever is required based on the theme, running around harassing/mocking the enemy and running away when they come back with force (like Libyan rebels) or guarding an empty hallway for 3 hours.

The most important aspect of the game is to follow the "game design". If you are playing a skirmish, you can fuck around, but if you signed up for a milsim play accordingly. I wouldnt mind playing a guy with a clearsoft (hopefully at least painted). But if a "super soldier" is trying to show off in a milsim and doesnt follow orders/game design that would piss me off a lot more.

Basically, Airsoft is a role playing game, just play your assigned role to the best of your ability/budget.
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