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That is probably one of the better perspectives. Start with yourself, and how you act. Be the bigger man, and set the example. However doing nothing about a problem isn't necessarily the answer. When your integrating a new player, or team member you get to watch them grow. So I suppose it depends on the examples you set, and that players original attitude. Some players you can see coming along and getting better. However you get players that just have a piss poor attitude and want to be the hero, or think they are above the honor system. Most teams I'd think at some point have had one of these individuals. The problem is he can bring the whole team down. I wouldn't want to bring a problem individual to an away game, and make my team look bad. And I'm sure all of us have seen teams that are all together unsportsmanlike. I'm not going to name any here, but I've witnessed how a guy who doesn't call hits, or has an unsportsmanlike attitude can spread it to his teammates. It all starts at home. There are a few instances where a player won't call their hits, but it's a pretty distinct sound off a gear hit. Not to mention you can hear the gun shooting at you from fairly far out in most cases. Not to mention the BB's that land around you can be heard. There really isn't any good excuse, seeing as the longer you play the more you can recognize the sounds automatically.

Claybank is a good example. In 2010 unfortunately most of the game rained out, at no fault of Camogames. But in the short play time of day one there were issues. I saw players fighting on the field, a plague of not calling hits, and general frustration. This year certain individuals were "uninvited", and even with 240ish players everything changed. Attitudes were better, sportsmanship was great, and everyone respected the other teams. I heard a lot off "nice shot!", or "good push guys". Camogames, and the admins did their job by doing something about it.

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