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Originally Posted by Cs View Post
I can't imagine what it must be like being a sniper when you hit someone from far and watch them look around and go "meh I didnt see anyone"
The shooter still knows he got his kill. Even if the player pretends it did not happen.

My approach to this game is not competitive, for me it's about personal challenge. If I know I got a clean shot on a guy.. and he used the stimulus of getting shot by me to locate me and shoot back.. I know who got the better of that exchange, and I'm content that I achieved my goal.

I also know that that guy is reacting.. and it has not clicked with him that the reason he is feeling like he needs to turn and look to his left is because some .3g bbs are bouncing off his left arm.. He won't realize this.. until he turns and shoots back.
Then he will realize he was hit.. at about the second he sees his return shot hit me. He will see that I took the hit.. and he will think to himself.. Geez.. I think that guy got me first.. while he walks to the spawn.

We all get to respawn, and no one is really keeping score, and there are no cash prizes for "winning" so I see no need to bring my EGO to games.
I try to do my best, and I don't permit those with testosterone poisoning to ruin my fun..
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