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I used to say 'toleration is a form of consent'.

Not sure why perspectives should be different now than what they were years ago in this community. Certainly you don't have to be best friends with everyone here but at the very least respect that they are a member of the same community you are a member of.

Ask yourself how you wish to be recognized - there's a huge wall of shame that is scattered about threads on this forum with redonkulous tales and unbelievable, disgisting lows that account the times of these individuals who essentially shit all over their own yard with their actions. Where are they now...

Alot of the bitching and arguing about FPS and calling hits - its been going on for 15+ years now. In a game comprised of volunteers at events on their free time in a *me* world where self direction is paramount, what are the chances that we all come to the game with the SAME positive attitudes? Yeah right I thought so. least we have games to go to. least we have a sport to enjoy with so many unique individuals. least we can actually PURCHASE Airsoft which is considered 'Prohibited' by some accounts.

It's not a perfect community but damn it's something to be proud of all things considered. If you are not enjoying it, they ask yourself why. Perhaps go back to basics - do what it takes to get the enjoyment back.
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