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Originally Posted by ViR View Post
Wow thats retarded.

In hotbox I run past a room with 2 guys who took shots at me, eventhough I didnt feel any hits I called myself out because chances are I was hit. As I later found out they were aiming at the legs so they could have missed, but I guess they did it so they wouldnt hurt someone in such confined space.
If I wouldnt have called myself out, maybe next time they would be aiming for someone's face. So while I lost 2 minutes respawning I might have saved someone's tooth.
Getting hit is part of the game, people have to accept it more.
This also bring me to another point, whining after getting hit. Airsoft is about shooting eachother with plastic balls, you should expect to be shot and to feel some pain... if you cant take it, dont play.

Also, I have a feeling some people dont call their hits because they were "lucky", like thru really small hole or really far away. Cheating is cheating no matter how you try to think about it. Plus calling out these lucky shots would make the other person so much happier. Wouldnt you want to feel same way when you get some lucky kills?
Lest people misconstrue let me clarify...I don't think he meant to shoot me in the face...he was shooting through those little windows in the doors and I am sure regardless of what he said he was rattled by the grenade so aiming probably was problematic, what bothered me most was not the hit in the face but the entitled attitude of the little spud.
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