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I can attest to this. Before I knew any of the rules, or of this forum, I ordered a pistol from them. About a month ago now. Waited ever so patiently. Well not really, got bored and bought 2 guns from Jeff at Capital in Edmonton in the meantime lol

Well the box finally showed up one day, complete with fancy yellow tape. Only one problem, everything I ordered was in the box. EXCEPT the pistol.
So now I'm in the middle of gathering forms and mailing shit to customs, all for nothing likely as appeals being won sound rare. Ehobby wont answer my emails now. They were telling me not to worry, no problem at all. Right up until I sent them a copy of the letter from Canada customs. Now, silence...

In case it matters the pistol in question was a TM FN Five-seven gas model. They charged me extra to disassemble it (now I know why) and never even bothered declaring everything on the form. Just listed toy parts. So now I sit and wait again, for an appeal that will never be won. Just ordered a 1911 MEU from Capital, which ain't the pistol I wanted, but will be more fun than the one I bought the customs agent. :banghead:
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