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In my experience there are three grades of players:

Group 1 - the casual players for whom its just another game or weekend sport, the way some people will go play tennis or ride a bike or something: go play every once in a while for shits and giggles if the weather is nice and nothing else is planned;

Group 2 - the serious players, who see airsoft as a more serious hobby and will invest more money into good gear and higher end guns. Not unlike people involved in amateur league sports (but it's still just a game): will try to make it out to games regularly, might play on a team, will be much more serious about the game although they might be skirmishers as much as milsimmers;

Group 3 - players for whom airsoft is a lifestyle rather than just an occasional hobby or sport: as with any other lifestyle choice, a regular and significant portion of income is used to support it; guns and gear are important -- you don't see pro athletes using low end equipment or serious musicians playing Walmart guitars; many everyday friends are fellow airsofters (usually people who also have an airsoft lifestyle); involvement in the airsoft world is daily [some of us dedicating our free time to staff forums and such ]; schedules are fitted around airsoft dates, moreso since many of people in this category are organizers (specially of major/serious events); they might be on a team (if they can find like-minded people) and will usually take the team very seriously; and they take the game very seriously, because it's a fundamental part of their lives -- and by extension dislike having it trashed by "tourists" who just come out to fuck around.

Obviously I'm part of Group 3.

I think, generally speaking, group 1 and 3 don't get along that well ("OMFG asshole elistists" vs. "Stupid noobs with clear guns")

If I was in BC, I'd wanna check out Six4's games.
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