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I've been using Wiley X PT-1's for a while now. Not bad for fogging up, but Im a pretty extreme example, as I sweat like the proverbial pig! They wrap around real good. As for face protection, IM not a fan for two reasons:

1- anything you put on your face (i.e. balaclava, shemag, mask) will increase the chances of fogging up... my own personal experience there.

2- Man up!:tup:I've taken plenty of hits to the face. Sure... it sucks and you want to smash something (someone?) when it happens:duke:, but you sign waivers for a reason. That reason is risk.

That said, Im talking more about actual masks here, as it still smarts plenty even when wearing a scarf over your face. But getting it in the face dosen't usually happen all that much unless your sticking your head where it don't belong or you're within close proximity to someone that is new and/or not obiding by the rules.

As for a pair that completely inclose the eye, Im picking up a pair of Wiley X SG-1's Can't stand goggles and the SG-1's are a good compromise when you're playing on a field that does not allow "shooting" style eye wear like the SG-1's.

My 2 cents
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