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i like the idea of calling your self out and approaching the other player who may not have called on his hit. i do however have a big issue with someone who obviously knows they got hit, doesn't call them selfs out, and when asked for their name and ASC handle, they tell you off and walk away.
how would someone deal with that? in a small game it wouldn't really be an issue, but in larger games these few supermen can get away with it easy. im sure that following the person in question around until you can reach game staff, could instigate a confrontation.
this is one of the reasons why i opted to get a head cam. at least the situation can be recored and posted on ASC, and would make avoiding a confrontation easier. the person can later be identified and dealt with for future games.
it would be nice if the Picton complex had some cameras to record the games. if anything, knowing that there are cameras watching would make these would be supermen think twice about trying to get out of taking their hits.
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