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+1 on commenting nice shot, it does happen to me too from time to time, and you just have to comment the person for the effort lol

The thing that really gets me though, is when people yell "call your fucking hit" when it REALLY doesn't need to be yelled, or spoken with anger. Especially when the person they're shooting at is actually out of their range lol
Granted, sometimes people are cheating on purpose and you have to unfortunately shoot them in the sensitive areas or yell at them. But it's even happened to me, where I was crawling through thick bush and got shot in the back by a sniper and just didn't notice it while crunching through deadfall. But, as a courteous player should, he simply called out to me and informed me in a calm fashion that I was hit, and I called myself out.

It's also happened to a really good guy I know who's played for years and years. I shot him in the arm while he was running and he just didn't notice, so I called his name, told him he was hit, and he called himself out.

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